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Michael Vick using PETA as road to NFL redemption

Posted by ZA on May 9, 2009

Is Michael Vick going to be a spokesman for PETA when he gets out prison?

It could happen according to an AdAge article on the on-going discussions between PETA and Vick’s management team. Vick’s handlers have proposed the idea and PETA is willing to consider if Vick is willing to undergo a psychological examination.  No word yet whether Vick is willing to subject to the examination, which could be the downfall of this deal.

The thought of Michael Vick becoming a spokesman for PETA probably turns the stomachs of many their supporters, but if Vick is rehabilitated then he could be an asset.  Who can better relate to the mentality within the dog fighting community than someone who’s been there?  That knowledge combined with Vick’s stature could make him someone that can positively influence kids involved in dog fighting.  Vick’s fall from grace is a story that might keep some of them from participating in dog fighting.  That opportunity is one that no one at PETA can currently offer.  It’s a chance for PETA to help curb the sport from the inside.

For Vick working for PETA could speed up his return from exile.  To get back to anywhere near what he once had will be an arduous process; Vick will have to show true remorse for his actions.  Working for PETA could give him the opportunity to learn the evils of dog fighting.  It could let him make a tangible change in the dog fighting community.  It could help make him a better person.  It might help him rehab some of his tattered image.  And it could ultimately help speed up his return to the NFL.  Which presumably is Vick’s ultimate goal.

They say politics makes strange bedfellows…maybe this situation will as well.  But the result could be positive for both PETA and Michael Vick.

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