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NBA game to stop at halftime

Posted by ZA on March 26, 2009

That would be weird, wouldn’t it…if NBA teams only played the first half of a game and then quit.

That’s kind of how I view the NBA’s decision on what names they included on their “Latin Night” promotional jerseys.   They only went halfway and then quit. The NBA told the Chicago Bulls to stick with “Los Bulls” rather than go with “Los Toros”, which would have been the proper translation for “The Bulls”.


If “Latin Night” is about honoring the league’s Hispanic fan base, then why not go all the way.  Why not actually a Spanish team name on the front of the jersey?  The current version is not Spanish and it is not English…call it Spanglish, which a lot of people I know speak down here in Texas.  We mix in English words to our conversation when we are trying to speak in Spanish.

The reason the NBA decided to stick with the nonsensical  “Los Bulls” is obviously a brand decision.  I’m sure someone in the league office thought it was a bad idea to completely remove the team nickname.  Probably for fear of alienating some non-Spanish speaking fan in Wheeling, who would flip on WGN and immediately call to complain about “Los TOROS” on the front of his team’s jerseys.

[Bulls fan calling WGN] “This is America.  What is a Toro?  Why is their Spanish on our dang jerseys?  Latin-o night?!? This is America, dammit” [/Bulls fan calling WGN]

Is it a big deal?  No.  It is kind of silly for the NBA to strattle the fence on this?  Absolutely, but what do you expect when we live in such a pc world.

[Assist: Sports Business Daily]

Update: Looks like Houston Rockets forward agrees with me.  His quotes from the Houston Chronicle that came out after I posted the story above.

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