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20 Worst Venue Names in U.S.

Posted by ZA on July 22, 2008

With the news that the Chicago Cubs’ owner the Tribune Company just received the first round of bids from potential suitors for venerable Wrigley Field, I thought it would be a good idea to examine what are some of the worst venue names in the United States today.  From the strange names to the downright stupid, we rank the top 20 worst venue names in the U.S.

Top 20 Worst Venue Names in the United States:
20. The Norva
(Norfolk, Virginia)
* Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, “Mulva!”
19. Crocodile Rock (Allentown, Pennslyvania)
* Don’t ever name your venue after a cheesy Elton John song (ever!).
18. iPayOne Center (San Diego, California)
* Dotcom venue sponsorships often don’t work.
17. Benedum Center (Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania)
* Just sounds boring.
16. Minute Maid Park (Houston, Texas)
* I liked it better when it was Enron FIeld.
15. University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, Arizona)
* Online college has nothing to do with City of Phoenix.
14. Petco Park (San Diego, California)
* Goofy name, but it keeps growing on me.
13. Mellon Arena (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
* Not named for Thornton Melon.
12. Whataburger Field (Corpus Christi, Texas)
* Great burgers, weird name for a stadium.
11. Littlejohn Coliseum (Clemson, South Carolina)
* Venues shouldn’t be named after Robin Hood characters.
10. Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland, Ohio)
* Corporate naming rights gone wrong.
9. Papa Johns Stadium (Louisville, Kentucky)
* Fast food companies after second worst after dotcom companies.
8. Taco Bell Arena (Boise, Idaho)
* I wonder how often they play the “Doooooooooooooong”?
7. Energy Solutions Center (Salt Lake City, Utah)
* They could jazz up the place with a great nickname like the Power Palace.
6. Dunkin Donuts Center (Providence, Rhode Island)
* Time to make the donuts.
5. Center (Dallas, Texas)
* Drop the .com and it goes from horrible to just plain bad.
4. Glass Bowl Stadium (Toledo, Ohio)
* The best of the worst, my favorite bad name venue.
3. Amway Center (Orlando, Florida)
* For every ticket you buy, you have to sell 6 more to friends.
2. Bagley Field at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium (Greenville, South Carolina)
* The Fick rocks!  I’m sure they were all great people, but the combination is horrendous.
1. Arena (Glendale, Arizona)
* The worst possible dotcom name they could put on a venue.

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6 Responses to “20 Worst Venue Names in U.S.”

  1. Jayson - Illinois said

    I would say that its pretty accurate mate. Those are some terrible names..

  2. Nick said

    On the contrary, University of Phoenix is based in Phoenix. It is also not only an online college. About half of the gigantic student body of over 300,000 attend classes on campuses around the country and in some foreign locations as well. By now people know University of Phoenix is a corporation, so naming a stadium after a corporation is not bad branding…not any worse than Air Canada Center, Comerica Park or Ford Field.

  3. Also Bad said

    1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre at the Florida State Fairgrounds

  4. Tony said

    You forgot: Power Balance Pavilion/Sacramento Kings, Raiders and KFC Yum Center/Univ of Louisville Cardals

  5. BaseballPie said Coliseum = New Worst Stadium Name Ever

    (Which, by the way, is now the official name for the Oakland Coliseum)

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